About AWP
Alex Wolfe Parnes - Bio

Born in 1963 in Baltimore, MD.  I moved to Miami, Florida  when I was
5.  I grew up in Miami with an amazing blend of cultural diversity in
everything from food, friends, language, sports, entertainment, and of
course, music.

I started taking drum lessons from Jazz great Sonny Mange when I
was 7 but that only lasted a year.  I wanted to start kicking it big time
on his phat-ass Fibes Chrome drum set BUT he only wanted me to
keep playing on the stupid rubber pads practicing paradiddles.

My Sister Barbara owned a guitar and I started screwing around with
it and screaming out my favorite songs while banging on the strings
(kinda what I do now!).  I then bought my first drum set, a 5 piece
Slingerland, for $300 with Zildjian Cymbals and all.  I started playing
with other musicians who were much older and jamming with
anyone who wanted to.

I starting writing lyrics and riffs in high school and college while
playing in bands.  After I graduated from college at UF, I bought my
first multitrack recorder and MIDI workstation and starting completing
the mixes on my songs.  

I've played with many bands and in the clubs in the Tampa Bay area.  
I currently do solo acoustic gigs while going to graduate school at
USF (part time) and working for the D.O.T. in Tampa (full time). I have
been married for 15 years and have a son which both provide much
inspiration and, as always, whenever I get inspired, I write songs.